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Honda, Acura Feeling the Heat of Class-Action Suit Over Dead ACs

A country-wide class-action settlement against Honda and Acura has been approved by a federal judge in New Jersey. The suit, filed on behalf of more than 2.4 million car owners by lawyer Matthew Mendelsohn, was brought about when the carmaker refused to repair faulty air-conditioning systems that were under warranty.
According to Mendelsohn, the settlement could cost the car manufacturer more than $40 million. So far, he said, around 19,000 owners and former owners have come forward to accept their portion of the loot. Chest-thumping happy, Mendelsohn said, “I think the result we were able to achieve in this case was very good.”
The lawyer continued, “The problem with the cars was the air conditioning systems was failing prematurely, and in some cases was resulting in catastrophic failures. For instance, on the Honda CR-V, the air conditioning compressor would implode and shoot debris throughout the entire air conditioning system, so that it would require replacement of associated air conditioning parts, not just the failed part itself.”

This suit does not just apply to auto loanshoppers and consumers – this case is nationwide.