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100 MPH Death Race Escorting Cops Charged

New Jersey Attorney General Jess Chiesea has charged a pair of New Jersey State Troopers for allegedly escorting a “Death Race” caravan of sports cars including Ford GTs, Ferraris and one being driven by New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs at more than one hundred miles an hour earlier this year.

The state cops, Nadir Nassry and Josepsh Ventrella, were specifically charged with falsifying records for using electrical tape to cover the license plates of their cruisers during the drive. After being charged, Nassry resigned. In a statement, the 25-year veteran, said, “I fully realize this matter has caused my superiors significant embarrassment and also has impacted the trust that the public has with regard to the great character of the New Jersey State Police. For this, I must take full responsibility.”

The investigation into the matter found that New Jersey Troopers had been routinely escorting such convoys of vehicles at triple digit speeds for years.