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Bad Credit Car Loans: New Jersey (NJ)

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Do you need to finance a car in New Jersey with poor credit? In New Jersey, the typical car owner has a credit rating of 693, which is itself usually thought of as subprime credit. This means a large number of people today are in need of bad credit auto loans in New Jersey.

Fortunately for everybody who is searching for an auto loan in New Jersey with bad credit, we can often match you with a lender who won’t instantly refuse people who have credit ratings below 600. Just click here to submit your application online. Many loan creditors require individuals with poor credit to have an income of $1500 per month, at least, and only $750 monthly in debt payments (inclusive of your auto loan).

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It is important to plan the right way for your auto loan. So please never spend above 15% of your income a month toward paying down your car loan. For the average New Jersey resident, this is equal to $673. On top of that, you want to furnish the largest down payment you can. New automobiles lose value immediately, and a down payment compensates for this. What kind of car or truck should you finance? Used. A used car is less risky in terms of negative equity.